TEA Committees

TEA Educational Programming Committee

The Educational  Programming Committee (EPC) provides strategic direction for all educational content offered by TEA to ensure consistency across all brands and products and to establish quality standards and continuity worldwide.  The committee is comprised of the chairs of SATE, the Summit and includes a representative from each division and the NextGen Committee.  The EPC also includes participants from TEA’s Academic member community.  Content for webinars and other presentations are reviewed by the committee.  The committee will select themes and locations for SATE conferences in an effort to establish a long term strategy for the programs offered by TEA.

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TEA Finance Committee

The TEA Finance Committee provides counsel to the Chief Operating Officer, International Board Treasurer, and International Board of Directors regarding TEA financial policy and reporting. The Committee is chaired by the International Board Treasurer, and is comprised of up to three committee members appointed by the Treasurer. The Committee reports to the International Board of Directors.

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TEA Marketing & Communications Committee

In conjunction with the TEA International Board and TEA Headquarters, the Marketing and Communications Committee develops recommendations to improve how the Association communicates its brand to the membership as well as to the community at large, and executes those recommendations as deemed appropriate.

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TEA New Business Relationships Committee

To create and develop business opportunities and relationships for the membership and for the association


What we know as ‘the themed entertainment industry’ is no longer only found inside the berm once you have passed through a turnstile. The creators of this industry are no longer a cloistered society of practitioners with secret knowledge, practicing their craft for a select group of buyers. The practitioner’s craft, in all of its endless permutations and applications, is now sought without limit. The world is awake to the possibilities. The waters are uncharted.

The goal of the committee is to chart the waters, discover the new lands, and grow the opportunities therein.

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TEA NextGen Committee

The Committee is part of TEA’s NextGen initiative to help students and recent graduates (<3 years) find their way into the themed entertainment industry, and to facilitate member companies’ ability to recruit from this fresh talent pool.

By helping connect students, faculty and recent graduates to the Themed Entertainment Association’s industry, organization and members, TEA fosters the next generation of Association members and themed entertainment professionals, and supports the creation and enrichment of academic curricula relevant to the industry.

The Committee meets monthly, reports to the International Board, and collaborates with TEA Headquarters staff and with other committees and TEA Divisions.

Composition of Committee:               

The TEA NextGen Committee is comprised of 15-20 active members, who will serve on sub-committees, help organize events and be present on all sub-committee and committee conference calls:

  • At least 1 International Board member who will act as liaison to the International Board.
  • 1-2 members from each of the Eastern/Western/EME/Asia-Pacific boards who represent perspectives from different geographic regions of the globe
  • 5-6 members from outside the board who have relevant expertise, experience and interest.
  • 3-4 faculty or administrators from the academic community
  • 3-4 NextGen members – students or recent graduates
  • The chair of the committee is appointed by the International Board from among the members.
  • In addition to the above, the NextGen Adjunct Committee is comprised of 8-10 individuals who are interested in the goals and objectives of the committee but who do not have time to be active participants.  
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