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20 November 2017

Melissa Ruminot, The Nassal Company, becomes TEA Eastern Division President

Melissa Ruminot of The Nassal Company is the new head of the TEA Eastern N.A. Division. 
She is pictured here with Paul Osterhout of Universal Creative, who sits on the TEA International Board.

Melissa Ruminot stepped up to become TEA Eastern North America Division President on Nov 15, 2017. Welcome, and congratulations! 

"In the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. It is a way to immerse yourself into the industry," says Melissa Ruminot, Director of Marketing and Business Development, The Nassal Company

Melissa Ruminot,
The Nassal Company

During the mud season in Vermont, Melissa Ruminot and her husband were enjoying a quick getaway from their Connecticut lives. Melissa was the director of marketing for a financial institution. Melissa's magnetic personality tends to draw the attention of those around her. Her smile and confidence were noticed by another pair of vacationers: Bill Nassal and his wife, Julie. Bill is a Sr. Founding Partner of The Nassal Company, an Orlando-based fabricator for themed environments in theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, casinos, hotels, and resorts. The two couples struck up a conversation that ended in Melissa scheduling a flight to Orlando to learn more about Nassal.

Seeing the interesting projects that Nassal works on, and their high standards of quality, was love at first sight for Melissa. Senior management at Nassal agreed to teach Melissa the industry “lingo” if she would bring her bubbly personality and organizational leadership skills to the Nassal team. Melissa agreed and she and her family moved to Orlando.

Once settled in, Melissa received an invitation to a TEA mixer from industry colleague, Al Cross of PGAV. After doing some research, Melissa learned that there was an established relationship between Nassal and TEA, but, in her view, the potential of the relationship was not being fully utilized. She attended the mixer, quickly made connections, and soon strengthened the bridge between Nassal and TEA.

Melissa saw TEA as a way to immerse herself in the industry. She explains, “In TEA, you will get out of it what you put into it.” To learn names and faces, Melissa volunteered to work TEA event registration desks for a solid year. Now, Melissa proudly serves on the TEA Eastern North America Division Board of Directors as the Events chair, who also manages key sponsorship. Melissa has set the bar high and ensures the level of events are elevated to the level TEA members have come to expect.

In the four years Melissa has been a part of TEA, the association as a whole has grown by leaps and bounds. With Orlando being a major industry hub, she is well placed to continue her active role and help that growth continue, to the benefit of many. TEA has made a name for itself in the industry, and through TEA, Melissa has made a name for herself and Nassal, as well.

  • Jenn Clauser
    Many thanks to Jenn Clauser of SRO Associates Inc. for writing this story, which was originally published in March 2017 as a "TEA Advantage" story.


Posted by Judy Rubin



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