Eastern North America

Eastern North America Board of Directors

Melissa Ruminot


Director, Marketing & Business Development
Nassal Company, The
Tel: +1 407 648-0400

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Chance Barnes


PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc.

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Loren Barrows


Chief Operating Officer
Alcorn McBride Inc.
Tel: +1 407 296-5800

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David Edmonds

ITEC Entertainment

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Chuck Fawcett

President & CEO
Animax Designs Inc.
Tel: 1 615 889-1248

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Joseph Fox

Engineering Manager
Birket Engineering, Inc.
Tel: +1 407 290-2000

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John Paul Geurts

Experiential Producer
Geurts, John Paul
Tel: 4077588675

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Eric Goodman

Walt Disney Imagineering

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George M Grzywacz Jr

Structural Engineer
Walt Disney Imagineering

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Garrick Hansen

Technology Design Engineer
Tel: +1 407 660-0088

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Rich Hill

Creative Director
Sally Corporation

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Larry Howard

Application Sales Manager
Tel: +1 714 236 8610

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Jay Jensen

Senior Project Manager
BRPH Architects-Engineers, Inc.

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Toni L. Losier

Business Development
Electrosonic, Inc.
Tel: +1 407 472-7595

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Dan Moalli

Technomedia Solutions
Tel: 407-351-0909

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Trent Oliver

Managing Director
Blue Telescope
Tel: 212-675-7702

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Katie Rizzo

Production Artist
Rizzo, Katie

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Don Scott

Production Manager
Scenario / A Cockram Company

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Cynthia Sharpe

Principal, Cultural Attractions & Research
Thinkwell Group

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Michael West

Universal Creative

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