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Paul Kent

EME div logoWelcome to the TEA Europe & Middle East division!

We start in Northwest Europe with members in Scandinavia and cover the whole of Europe and Middle East, so by the time you get to our Southeastern divisional border you are seriously warm! -- all of which can be experienced by taking part in the range of events that we stage each year throughout the Division.

Each year we travel around our various regions for our SATE Academy Day program, visiting TEA Member Projects, Thea Award Honored Projects, theme parks, zoos, aquariums and more. We share experiences and adventures together while imersing ourselves in what our members do best.  (SATE stands for Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience – the four primary building blocks of themed attraction design.

Our SATE Academy Days are well-attended, professional development excursions that aim to provide a high-quality insight into an attraction, whether old or new; from theme parks to museums. In addition to being learning opportunities, they are fun and a great occasion to mix with industry colleagues.

In addition we stage all the standard TEA events, such as mixers, open house sessions, and behind-the-scenes visits. We work with the TEA NextGen initiative and are very welcoming to our new industry members.

Our membership is strong and diverse, from specialist companies that provide just about any product or service to any attraction type you care to think of, to theme park and museum owners and operators. In addition to being active within our own region, most EME board members serve on other committees within the TEA at the international level.

Paul Kent


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