Western North America

Western North America Board of Directors

Tricia Rodriguez


CEO/President | Director of Marketing
Mad Systems Inc.
Tel: +1 714 259-9000 ext 651
Email: tricia@madsystems.com

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Shannon Martin

First Vice President

Director of Business Development
Color Reflections
Tel: 702-262-9300
Email: shannon.martin@crvegas.com

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Mark Dvorchak


Managing Partner
Pro Forma Advisors LLC
Tel: +1 310 616-5079 x701
Email: Mark.Dvorchak@ProFormaAdvisors.com

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Erika Kulbach M. Arch


Business Development Consultant & Sales Account Manager
Electrosonic, Inc.
Tel: +1.818.333.3605
Email: Erika.Kulbach@Electrosonic.com

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Tracy Balsz

Marketing and Business Development Consultant
Tel: +1 323.428.9075
Email: tracy@indiemarketing.com

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Bryan Boehme

Director of Sales, Location Based Entertainment
Tel: 714-236-8610
Email: bryan.boehme@christiedigital.com

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Jeff Crocker

Project Manager
Cinnabar California, Inc.
Tel: +1 818 842 8190
Email: jeffc@cinnabar.com

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Kourtney Day

Manager, Business Development
Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Tel: 818-953-3030
Email: kday@creatureshop.com

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Todd Gallagher

Senior Project Manager
Tel: +1 661-294-3800
Email: Todd@technifex.com

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Shane Grammer

Senior Creative Director
Daniels Wood Land, Inc.
Tel: 805-239-2832
Email: shane@danielswoodland.com

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Robert Huebner

Senior Software Project Manager
Walt Disney Imagineering
Email: Rob.E.Huebner@disney.com

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Morgane Keesling

Senior Creative Director
Keesling, Morgane

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Ian Klein MFA

Creative Director
Klein, Ian
Tel: +1 (206) 227-9765
Email: ian@vizirproductions.com

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Stefan Lawrence

Rethink Leisure & Entertainment, LLC
Email: slawrence@rethinkle.com

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Michael Libby

President & CEO
Worldbuildr Inc.
Tel: +1 818 516-5048
Email: mlibby@worldbuildr.com

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Glen Morris

Huitt-Zollars (formerly Morris)
Email: glen.morris@morris-hz.com

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Andrew Mowatt

Executive Vice President of Sales
WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.
Email: andrew.mowatt@whitewaterwest.com

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Carole Mumford

Director, Creative Communications
Garner Holt Productions, Inc.
Email: cmumford@garnerholt.com

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Kile Ozier

Experience Architect
Ozier, Kile
Tel: +1.347.268.2953
Email: Kile@kileozier.com

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David A. Price AIA, NCARB

President and Founder
Price Leisure Group
Tel: 714-361-4144
Email: dprice@priceleisuregroup.com

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Jeremy Railton

Founder | Chairman
Entertainment Design Corp.
Email: jeremyr@entdesign.com

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Robert Salmeron

Marketing Manager
Falcon's Creative Group
Email: rsalmeron@falconstreehouse.com

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Vijay Sehgal

FSY Architects
Tel: +1 323 255-4343
Email: vsehgal@fsyarchitects.com

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Stephen Siercks

Senior Director, Entertainment Production
Universal Studios Hollywood Entertainment Department
Tel: +1 (818) 622-3235
Email: stephen.siercks@nbcuni.com

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Bonnie Sinclair

Costume Design Professional
The Costume Connection
Tel: +1 203-247-3643
Email: bon@thecostumeconnection.com

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Brent Young

President/Creative Director
Super 78
Tel: +1 323 663-7878
Email: brent@super78.com

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