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Ear-Splitting: Tech & Audio in the Immersive Space

Ear-Splitting is a deep dive into the process of creating convincing audio for immersive worlds. Few dispute the impact of well-executed audio on location-based projects. The realization of great audio, however, can be mysterious and elusive. This panel aims to uncover the creative process, technical considerations, and future possibilities of immersive audio for LBE. We'll unlock some of the key aspects to accomplishing truly great audio for a truly great (and believable!) experience.

Stephen Cavit - Composer, Iconic Sound and Music (Moderator)

Stacey Quinealty - Sr. Manager A/V Ent. Prods, Universal Studios

Yiannis Cabolis - Director Technical Innovation, Electrosonic

Bob Bonniol - Creative Director, Mode Studios

Vaughn Hannon - Creative Technologist, Bezark Studios

Hector Caiazza - Principal Designer, Hotopp Associates

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