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TEA Masters Program - Call for Nominations - DEADLINE: July 19

Call for Nominations

Submissions Deadline: July 19, 2019

The TEA is pleased to announce this year's call for nominations for TEA Masters.This program honors the achievements of Themed Entertainment's masters of their craft. TEA Masters are creators, developers, designers and producers whose body of work has made a significant and sustained contribution to the growth and development of the industry through their leadership, innovation, design, craftsmanship and artistry.

This year's honorees will be recognized at the TEA SATE conference, in Seattle, on September 26, 2019. 

We need your help. 

Do you know of someone that is deserving of TEA Master recognition? If so, please send in your nomination by July 19, 2019 to [email protected].

The following are the criteria to qualify for consideration as a TEA Master in 2019:

  • Individuals who work as professionals in any discipline associated with the Themed Entertainment industry (See separate list of disciplines HERE)
  • Must have at least 15 years of experience practicing their craft, with significant contributions to the Themed Entertainment Industry
  • Is willing to submit representative work samples, graphics, or videos containing highlights of their crafts
  • Is able to attend the recognition ceremony and be on a panel at the SATE Conference, in Seattle
  • Is willing to allow the TEA to video an interview and the panel presentation at SATE
  • Is willing to participate in TEA education and/or mentoring programs during the two years following receipt of TEA Master recognition
  • Is not currently serving on the TEA International Board, or the TEA Masters Selection Committee.

Your nomination must include the following to be considered:

(Please submit as a Word document or PDF)

Nominator's Name: 


Nominee Name:  
Professional Discipline: 



1. Why you are nominating this person to be considered as a TEA Master?

2. How many years of experience does the nominee have practicing their discipline?

3. How many years of experience does the nominee have practicing their discipline specifically within the Themed Entertainment industry?

4. Provide at least three examples of work by nominee that are indicative of TEA Master level professionalism.  (Note: Though all areas may not apply, the committee will be looking for examples of innovation, design, craftsmanship, technical expertise, artistry, management and international nature of nominee's work.)

5. Have any of nominee's projects received a Thea Award?   If so, please list the specific projects.

6. Provide specific examples of the nominee as an industry leader, mentor, teacher and/or role model.

7. Has the nominee served on TEA committees, Boards, or as a volunteer?  If so, please provide specific information.

8. Body of Work and/or Bio (attach Bio separately if necessary):


Call for Nominations Printable Sheet

Professional Disciplines Printable Sheet

To submit your nominations or for any additional questions, please email: [email protected] or call the TEA office: 818-843-8497.


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2018 Masters - L to R: Nina Rae Vaughn, Ralph Nielsen, Philipp van Stratum, Rich Procter, Glenn Birket, Joe Falzetta, John Lindsay