TEA SATE conference & SATE Academy Days

"SATE is an amazing opportunity to connect theories, ideas and trends with people and projects around the world."

-- Craig Hanna, CCO, Thinkwell Group, TEA past president


"Our clients expect us to know of the latest trends and to be up to date with all that's happening in the market. SATE will deliver all of this and more."

--Nick Farmer, Farmer Attraction Development, TEA past president


SATE: Story + Architecture + Technology = Experience

Information on TEA SATE conferences:

The SATE acronym stands for Story + Architecture + Technology = Experience. SATE also alludes to a collaborative culture of production, in which designers, technologists, producers, developers and operators work closely together from the early stages of a project, in a team structure often more horizontal than hierarchical. TEA produces an annual SATE conference and, throughout the year, a series of SATE Academy Days.


"SATE is the conference where challenges and opportunities of our industry are honestly discussed and debated."

-- Bart Dohmen, BRC Imagination Arts


Annual SATE conference series

The annual SATE conference was created by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) in 2007 to foster professional dialog about the methodology of Experience Design. SATE reaches across a broad range of creative disciplines and market sectors within the attractions industry.

SATE provides an environment for learning and professional development: to share diverse ideas and concepts, to challenge and inspire, to learn about breakthrough projects, best practices and trends, and to discover collaborative opportunities in the field of attraction design and development.

In addition to enriching working professionals with the exchange of information and creative stimulus, SATE benefits TEA’s NextGen Initiative of collaboration and dialog with educators, and with students of design, media production, theater, engineering and other related disciplines who are interested in pursuing careers in the themed entertainment industry, and finding mentors or guidance.

Hashtag: #TEAsate


SATE Academy Days / TEA behind-the-scenes Educational explorations and excursions

SATE Academy Days were the brainchild of David Willrich (DJ Willrich Ltd.), a leader in the TEA Europe & Middle East Division. Willrich sought to extend the SATE brand internationally for the benefit of TEA members and the themed entertainment industry at large, with a program of educational excursions and networking opportunities.

The SATE Academy Days name is falling out of use, but the event concept has been adopted within the TEA Divisions, and the TEA events calendar includes many group excursions to visit behind-the-scenes, with educational sessions and discussions. A popular format is the "day out" in a city with multiple attractions, such as London, New York and Vancouver.

Other locations for these excursions have included Puy du Fou, Europa-Park and Expo 2015 Milano.



The SATE conferences and educational events and outings are organized by volunteers who are members and leaders of the Themed Entertainment Association, in conjunction with TEA staff, and sponsored by various TEA member companies.

Contact TEA Headquarters if you would like to volunteer to help with the SATE conference, provide sponsorship or otherwise participate.To inquire about organizing a SATE Academy Day, please contact the Board of

Directors for your TEA Division, or get in touch with TEA Headquarters.

'SATE provides genuine opportunity to see the real industry creators express themselves about their intent in an environment of meaningful exchange.
One is allowed (encouraged!) to ask things like “Why? … Should we? … Is this good for our industry?” … and more often than not … get a real answer.'

-- Al Cross, PGAV Destinations, past SATE segment chair