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Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.) is an international manufacturer of entertainment and architectural lighting equipment. Known for innovation and customer service, ETC offers lighting control systems (the new Eosª, Congoª, and Congo jrª), dimmers (Sensor¨+, SineWaveª, IES Matrixª, and SmartPackª), luminaires (Source Four¨ line), distribution, and architectural lighting control (Unison¨).

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Prodigy FlyPipe gives purpose to the unused corners of your world.

Middleton, WI (12 April 2019) – ETC’s Prodigy FlyPipe is a self-climbing hoist designed to help transform the under-utilized spaces into creative environments. Structural engineering limitations for black box theatres, school cafeterias, gymnasiums, and churches have prevented the use of rigging technology in the past. Now because of its lightweight and easy installation, Prodigy FlyPipe is an ideal solution for front-of-house and overhead hanging positions of lighting fixtures, AV equipment, and soft goods.

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