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Kraftwerk Living Technologies GmbH, Wels (Austria)

Kraftwerk Living Technologies is one of the leading companies in the field of professional audio-visual system integration. We combine and synchronize high-quality systems to provide tailor-made overall solutions for the global market. Our technical designers and engineers design and integrate the highest profile large format media-based attractions in the world. Kraftwerk Living Technologies is your professional partner for AUDIO Ð VIDEO Ð SCREENS Ð LIGHTING Ð SHOW CONTROL Ð SPECIAL EFFECTS for high-end attractions like 4D Theatres, Waterplexx 5D Theatres, Dark Rides & Suspended Dark Rides, Domes, Tunnels, Virtual Aquariums, Flying Theatres, Suspended Flying Theatres(TM), Tram Rides, Hybrid Dome Theatres, CircuMotion Theatres(TM), SFX Coasters(TM) and many more. TURN ON UNITED TECHNOLOGIES

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