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NatureMaker specializes exclusively in the design, engineering, and custom fabrication of highly naturalistic “steel art trees”. A synthesis of art and structural engineering, each tree is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted to exactly duplicate live trees. Each detail of trunk, limb and tree silhouette is carefully imbued through the hand-sculpting, hand painting, and scenic aging using a proprietary composite bark medium over an intricate steel substructure. NatureMaker’s continually expanding array of original tree designs – from deciduous to evergreen, Mediterranean to tropical – represent the highest level of visual and textural authenticity. Practical applications for “steel art trees” include “column clad trees,” “interactive/exhibit trees,” multi-story monumental trees, walk-through and wall mounted trees. All materials meet stringent fire and building codes. From design development through worldwide installation, NatureMaker’s decades-long experience assures the highest level of quality, delivered on time, within approved design and budgetary parameters.

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