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Sally Dark Rides photo gallery

Image 1/10: The Joker (animatronic)
Image 2/10: Cyborg - life-like animatronic character. This intriguing animatronic greets guests in the JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle For Metropolis dark ride queue and helps set up the story.
Image 3/10: JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle For Metropolis dark ride includes thrilling motion-based ride vehicles.
Image 4/10: JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle For Metropolis - Interactive and immersive dark ride now open at multiple Six Flags parks.
Image 5/10: Sally's first interactive dark ride- The Great Pistolero Roundup- was a turning point for the industry. Incorporating friendly competition was a sure way to increase repeat ridership.
Image 6/10: JUSTICE LEAGUE: Alien Invasion was one of Sally's first mixed media dark rides. The result was monumental and would soon pave the way for many more JUSTICE LEAGUE dark ride attractions.
Image 7/10: SALLY brings brands to life! Lost Kingdom Adventure is a family favorite at LEGOLAND's worldwide
Image 8/10: Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure opened at Six Flags Over Texas in 1992. 25 years later, this fun family water ride is still a favorite among guests.
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