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Youri JAT van de Konijnenberg

Helmond, Noord-Brabant Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 440-75-680


University: NHTV University of Applied Sciences

Area of study: Leisure Management/Theme Park Management

Year of graduation: 2016


"Knowledgeable, Passionate, Creative, Curious, a Traveller, a Leader, Experienced but Young and Fresh"

I am Youri van de Konijnenberg, a Young Professional in Attractions & Theme Park Management and Design and an aspiring Experience Designer/Master Planner/Project Coordinator in the Themed Entertainment Industry.

I gained a lot of knowledge, for someone my age, by:
- Following classes in Guest Service, Imagineering and Leisure- and Theme Park Management at universities renowned for their Leisure and Hospitality expertise.
- Conducting challenging projects for well-known and experienced companies in the visitor attraction industry in subjects regarding Storytelling, Master Planning, Experience Design and Concepting.
- Acting as Project Leader and Design coordinator during several projects.
- Gaining operational experience at several theme parks in different divisions: Operations, Merchandise, Food & Beverage and Guest Services. 

I specialised myself in concept development, strategic design and master planning towards the attractions- and theme park industry and I am constantly looking to improve and expand my knowledge and skill set. 

Currently I am looking for exciting start as experience designer, concept developer, assisting project leader or assisting creative director in the theme park & leisure design industry.


Master Planning, Concept Development, Storytelling, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Theme Park Consulting, Operational Management in Operations, Merchandise, F&B and Guest Services.