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Kacey M Eichen

Washington, DC United States

University: Carnegie Mellon University

Area of study: Entertainment Technology with a concentration in Themed Entertainment

Year of graduation: 2018


Kacey is a second year Masters student at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. She is fluent in Japanese and aspires to work in the Themed Entertainment industry as a producer or designer for interactive or other technologies to bring guests into the story. She currently has experience as a programmer, producer, and 2D artist during her immersion semester. At the Entertainment Technology Center, she focuses on rapid prototyping in small teams, as well as semester long projects, which has included working with Give Kids The World to help create a new experience for their existing Pillow Tree. This past summer, she interned with Universal Creative on one of their upcoming projects doing producing, designing, and programming. Her passion is creating spaces that guests can interact with so that they can be immersed in a story. She is currently seeking an internship for spring 2018.


I am proficient in Unity, Java, C#, and currently learning SketchUp and C++. I also am nearly fluent in Japanese. I am a creative thinker with a technical background and enjoy problem solving as well as learning about design. Some of my personality strengths include: developing skills, positivity, ability to focus while seeing the big picture, and activator. I enjoy playtesting to see how current designs can bring guests closer to the story, as well as working on teams with new technology and collaborating with colleagues.


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