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Valtiner & Partner Attractions GmbH

The Austrian company specializes in Flying Theatres with the "E-MOTIONBOARD" theater. The system is unique in several ways: the attraction is fully suspended, the platform hangs freely on steel cables and is powered with electric drives. Passengers stand on the platform, which offers a much more intense feeling of immersion. An array of high quality special effects increases the thrill of the ride. The patented system holds 39 riders at a time and is wheel chair accessible. The compact dimensions of the system are equally interesting for new installations as well as retrofitting existing buildings.

The film content can be displayed in 2 D as well as 3 D, our first VR installation will open in 2019. We are currently involved in projects in the Middle East and China, with several more in the pipeline. Besides the E-MOTIONBOARD we are offering the E-MOTIONCUBE, a smaller version for 20 riders, aimed at a FEC, shopping centers and similar venues.

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