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Tyler Harris

ASU Event Associate
Tempe, Arizona United States

University: Arizona State University

Area of study: Immersive Experience Design/ Tourism Development and Management

Year of graduation: 2021


My name is Tyler Christían Harris and I created my own major in Immersive Experience Design and I have always been interested in the field of Conceptual Design, Creative Direction and Technology Integration. In all of these fields there are ample opportunities for the integration of digital media, processes and product design. From media design being implemented in theatrical performances to interactivity in themed spaces, the opportunities are present. My focus is really on how to make the digital manifestation of something physical, while still using some digital means to bring something to life. Rather than just watching something, I like to figure out how to make it a reality so that you feel immersed in an environment and its story, and the technology fades into oblivion. What is really interesting is that the Themed Entertainment industry has very broad applications. It not only applies to theme parks but also to restaurants, shopping centers, walk-through experiences, concerts and theatre shows. If something has a story and theme, it can be conveyed in a variety of different ways. The implications of integrating technology into physical experiences to further a story through guest interaction and immersion are mind blowing. That leads to the one thing that all software has to have: A code. The ability to code is something many artists take for granted because it can seem to lack creativity. In reality, it is a means to bring your creative ideas to life and a way to understand how to reach a person in an experience, through a story. The physical and digital should go hand and hand to make an entity. Psychologically our brains have gotten used to seeing things on a screen and are desensitized to it. My focus is on how to use New Media to change this and make an entirely new form of experience that revolutionizes that way we experience a story. Having a R&D Lab is the backbone of a successful entity looking to innovate and integrate new things to attract clients and further an organizations position. Thankfully my school has an R&D Lab called Luminosity Labs, that I am in the process of joining that allows certain students and scientists to test various hypotheses in any field of interest. My focus in the lab will be adapting Immersive Environment technology and developing new concepts of software and technology that could be infused into a story. My second focus would be more character and effects based. As in how we take our favorite characters and genres and bring them to life using physical and digital manifestations as one. The power of the Arts and technology has a very powerful effect on others. There cannot be one without the other. In today’s marketplace one thing cannot stand on its own. It is all connected.