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E2M Technologies, Inc.

E2M is a custom designer and manufacturer of 100% electric motion platform systems ranging in payloads from 500kg to 40,000kg.  Areas of expertise include hardware design of actuators and platforms, systems design conforming to all applicable standards, and state-of-the-art software development including class-leading motion cueing and extremely straight forward host interfacing.  In particular for the entertainment industry, E2M created the "Octopod" 6DOF Over-Determined motion simulator that establishes the highest rate of safety yet through for critical applications such as entertainment attractions.  Through the use of 8 actuators, the motion base has a redundant number of actuators which means that with a failed or even a disintegrated actuator or other component, the motion system can still safely settle in a controlled manner.  E2M prides itself in working with customers to custom design a motion system to meet their requirements and provides a full project and engineering team to support customers through each installation.  

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