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Hoplite LBE

Building Stories: Beyond The Screen

Hoplite LBE is the company you need to help take your IP into the physical world.  Any themed entertainment firm can design an attraction. The differentiator in working with Hoplite LBE is that we can guide the process beginning with building in an intrinsic revenue stream into an overall master plan, and then build you the team of vendors to maximize your project needs.

Building Profit Beyond The Gate

Having worked on some of the most successful IP based Themed Attractions in the world, we know the importance of protecting your Intellectual Property for both you and for your guests.   Our team focuses on how to monetize your IP before the design starts so we, and our partners, can integrate advertising revenue, social media exposure, simplified merchandizing, sales processing, and experience extension through a digital platform customized to your IP.  

Building Relationships Beyond The Project

Hoplite LBE is part of your team. Sharing pride in the project, ownership of the scope and responsibility to the story.  We will be there when the pencil hits the paper until the first guest walks through the door.  Our goal is to remain by your side as long as you need us.  And when the time comes, we will be there again. 

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