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Joanna Harmon

Glendale, California United States
Tel: 6123886059


University: The Interactive Deep Dive

Area of study: interactive narrative

Year of graduation: 2018


My strengths stem from a 10-year career in managerial, directorial, performing, and creative consulting positions. I have worked in both leading and supporting roles with teams of 10-100 people and as a personal/directorial assistant to leaders in artistic fields. My range of experiences gives me the comprehensive perspective to be a "global thinker" in any position. I am a self-starter with a proactive work ethic. I prioritize quality over quantity and produce creative excellence within financial constraints. I am adept at maintaining calm in my passionate support of artistic flexibility within necessary structure.

My creative passion combines the immediacy of live theater, the structure of narrative story, and the poetics of abstraction to create viscerally engaging experiences. My interest in the relationship between performer and audience member has led me to explore interactive story techniques that allow participants to become co-creators of their own narrative experiences. Some creations look like theater, some like dance, and some like a new frontier!


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