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Chris Bailey

Test Engineer
Orem, Utah United States
Tel: 7025958977


University: Brigham Young University

Area of study: Mechanical Engineering

Year of graduation: 2017


I am a very motivated and driven recent graduate from Brigham Young University currently working as a Test Engineer in consumer electronics i.e. Bluetooth audio devices. With my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, I want to use my skills to help people all over the world. My passions within engineering include robotics, drones, medical device design, and theme park ride/show design.
I have worked on many different types of projects and have experience with multi-disciplinary teams taking a product from conception to manufacturing. I have traveled the world learning about different cultures and people, and have come to love and respect diversity. While I am just beginning my career, I have a lot of real life and world experience that qualifies me to excel in new situations.