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Alyssa Margalit

Westlake Village, California United States
Tel: +1 818 223-1920

University: University of Southern California

Area of study: Electrical Engineering

Year of graduation: 2023


I am currently majoring in electrical engineering at USC. Right now, I am looking for an entry level job as a design engineer working on projects that combine engineering artistic creativity. I'm always looking for opportunities to be involved in fabricating products, often with a sense of whimsy, so that I can better understand the end products of engineering research and design. My favorite part of any project I have worked on, from a game of thrones phone amplifier to a space themed pinball machine, is the design portion, deciding how the project will come together. I look forward to making a career out of designing immersive entertainment structures.


Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, various animation softwares, soldering, wood shop, metal working (welding and forging)


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