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13 August 2018

Boney Island

Join your fellow themed entertainment professionals on a fast and fun community project as we reinvent the
popular Boney Island Halloween experience on LA Steamers property in Griffith Park.

For years, this Sherman Oaks-based attraction has been delighting hundreds of thousands of local families each
fall at the private home of former “Simpsons” producer Rick Polizzi. Now, after attracting over 5,000 people
each night, the attraction is forced to move to a larger, safer, gated facility - with only Rick’s private funds and a
few friends to design and build an entirely new experience by October 11th!

Here’s a rare opportunity to utilize your incredible talents, unprecedented experience, and extensive resources
for the benefit of the children and families of Los Angeles. Over the next eight weeks, the team needs help
designing, building, painting, and erecting scenics, animatronics, puppets, a fountain show, large scale illusions,
projections, and more. They need lighting designers, audio designers, carpenters, electricians, model makers,
projection specialists, computer animators, graphics/signage folks, project managers, coordinators, operations
experts, live performers, landscapers, laborers, and even hosts during the 15 nights of operation!
Got some old lights, props, projectors, effects, speakers, or more buried in the warehouse? Here’s a chance to
dust them off and give them a couple months of life, spooking kids and their parents in a big outdoor
celebration of Victorian-era carnivals, magic and illusion, the American circus, fortunetelling, and, of course,

If you, your colleagues, and/or family members (great for teens!) would like to be a part of the Boney Island
Carney Crew, please contact Beckie Kiefer at beckie@zeitgeist-usa.com today. The location is between LA
Steamers and Travel Town on Zoo Drive in Griffith Park. Free tickets and food, too!


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