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28 November 2017

SottoStudios finally joined and glad we did.

After being a part of this industry for over 30 years, first at Knott's, then Landmark, and a long stretch at Disney Imagineering, our company finally joined the TEA. Why not sooner? SottoStudios was almost exclusively engaged in a string of design projects that took us in some exciting new directions over the last decade, from aircraft and spacecraft design, to retail innovation, series television and automotive. But as great as all of that was and still is, my gut said it was time to "push the envelope" again given all the new technology that exists in the theme park world today. The "Imagineer" side of my brain was racing with all the new toys (and new talent we have in the company) to really change the game. The best and first step is to engage with the TEA as you all are the ones making things happen. We look forward to the future of the industry and all of you as we break new ground together. Thanks for accepting our application!

Posted by SottoStudios/LA


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