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13 December 2018

Bart Dohmen new CEO of Unlimited Snow Development

The Unlimited Leisure Group is pleased and excited to hereby inform you that Bart Dohmen has accepted the appointment of CEO of Unlimited Snow Development, part of the Unlimited Leisure Group. With a new project opening in first half 2019 and many other projects in the pipeline, Unlimited Snow is constantly enlarging its team. With his long experience in management roles in the Themed Entertainment Industry in both creative as technical companies we strongly believe Bart is the right person at this stage to take Unlimited Snow to the next level.

Besides, his extensive network and experience will also create new opportunities for the Unlimited Leisure Group. Not only for the existing brands as Tape My Day, The Experience Ticket and HollandWorld, but also for new opportunities in not snow related attraction design and productions. 

With Bart as new CEO of Unlimited Snow, Kees Albers, founder and Chairman of Unlimited Leisure Group will get more time for the other brands within the group.

Bart Dohmen is active in the attraction business for more than 25 years. With management roles in amongst others Rexroth, BRC Imagination Arts and Mansveld IMP, Bart worked on many award-winning projects worldwide. As a Visitor Experience veteran, Bart is frequently asked to be speaker at international events. In 2005 Bart was Chairman of the board at the international Leisure conference TILE.

Innovative Total Solutions for Your Park & leisure Projects

Unlimited Leisure Group of Companies connects technologies with its leading innovative companies with core activities in the leisure and entertainment market place and beyond, thereby providing unique integral solutions for all leisure developments. :

Unlimited Leisure Development provides full services throughout all phases from consultancy and creative design to realisation of a wide range of leisure experiences.

Unlimited Snow Development worldwide leading and only one-stop-shop providing best solutions for all imaginable snow & ice leisure experiences from concept through operations giving the customers total peace of mind. It is known for its creativity and its own developed franchised IP.

HollandWorld develops the second gate of Amsterdam next to Amsterdam Schiphol airport opening 2023 comprising a non-gated themed park for 4 million (inter)national tourists, 4.000 hotel rooms, conference centre, casino, retail, F&B as well as 20 top destination attractions.

TapeMyDay combines state of the art filming technology with innovative software. It makes more of the visitor’s stay by automatically filming, editing, and uploading an irresistible photo/video diary of their entire stay. It significantly increases per capita spending and publicity. solves the No.1 guest complaint by providing a unique & totally queue free theme park experience for all guests. It’s the only fully integrated ticketing and no queuing system on t

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