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25 February 2019

Building Up The Next Generation of Innovators

By Jeff Stuckey
Entech Innovations Writer

Entech Innovative’s Jake Janoso and Justin Stehr dreamed of being engineers in the specialty-engineering industry at an early age, so after becoming professionals in their chosen fields, they understand the need to mentor aspiring students about the next steps to being successful engineers.

In speaking to engineering students at The Ohio State University (OSU) and the University of Central Florida (UCF) the first week of February, the two represent the spirit of National Engineering Week, held this year February 17-23, dedicated to a diverse, well-educated future engineering workforce.

The event at OSU attended by Jake was called Students In Themed Entertainment, or SITE, organized by the school’s Theme Park Engineering Group.  SITE hosted 65 students from 14 different universities and 14 engineering professionals, and included company presentations, a student project fair, and a question and answer session by the professionals.

Reflecting on his time as a Youngstown State University student, Jake’s first advice to SITE was how he became better at time management and attention to detail. “The courses are challenging, so making time to finish your project schedule, your homework, studying for those exams, and more is very crucial,” Jake said. “I also found out that failure is part of the learning process. There were times I didn't do as well on a project or exam I would have liked to, but you learn from those mistakes and that really helps you understand what it takes to be successful.”

That same lesson also applies to his current work at Entech Innovative, where Jake learned that to successfully accomplish what he wants, he must put in long work hours and dedication. By not being afraid to make mistakes, he continues to think outside the box to have that open mindset in terms of engineering solutions.

Jake founded the Theme Park Engineering Group as a freshman at Youngstown in Ohio, so after they received a good amount of interest, the group attended the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) annual trade show in Orlando during his senior year. He also attended the American Society for Testing and Materials F24 conference the following year. Those two experiences helped propel him toward an engineering job in the themed-engineering field by exposing him to the business and technical sides that make up the industry.

At Entech Innovative, Jake is proud of his contribution on the Miami Design District Museum Parking Garage project featuring fabricated car bodies and caryatid sculptures produced by his company mounted on the walls outside the garage and on the entrance/exit façade. “Even though that project was in progress when I first started at Entech, I was able to contribute and last year we won an Excellence in Construction award from Associated Builders and Contractors,” he said. “I feel proud I was able to contribute to an award-winning project right away.”

In the spirit of mentorship and giving back, Justin spoke to the Themed Entertainment Association club at UCF. He feels there is still a passion about the engineering industry when 35 students come out on their own time at 7 p.m. to gain insight and better themselves in this industry.

“I told them not to be afraid to ask questions because you're always going to have them,” Justin said. “Never stop learning and that's what the questions are for. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just try to figure out a way to manage them and learn from them to better yourself.”

Justin’s favorite course during his time at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown was Application Testing in the laboratory. He performed yield and strength tests on bolts and other materials to validate the exact purpose of the engineering and technical side. It was enlightening to see how a piece actually functions and breaks in the engineering field.

“When you're in a class like machine design, it allows you to critically think and when you start to critically think about things and really understand it, that's what the basis of engineering school is all about,” Justin said. “Your mindset starts to think, ‘Why did this bolt hold up in this machine based on vibrations or different stresses?’ so the critical thinking aspect of it to really understand and ask the right questions of why and how are what those processes taught me.”

He grew up coming down to Orlando from Pennsylvania and going to Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios with his parents, fueling his passion to building themed-engineering projects. Being able to now attend these theme parks with his parents, he enjoys pointing out those projects he’s built.

He still asks questions every day at Entech Innovative to make sure he is getting a better knowledge of specific projects. Those questions can be to shop employees who build his projects to make sure he is helping them out, while at the same time, their experience and knowledge helps him grow as an engineer.

To find out more about the projects built by Entech Innovative Engineering, visit

[Pictured] Entech Innovative Engineer Jake Janoso (holding microphone) answers questions from the Students In Themed Entertainment, or SITE, conference organized by The Ohio State University Theme Park Engineering Group February 2.

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