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01 April 2019

TEA Thea Awards Committee Chair Lisa Passamonte Green talks about the committee and awards process

In addition to her “day job” as CEO and co-owner of successful lighting design company Visual Terrain, Lisa Passamonte Green serves as chairperson for the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Thea Awards Nominating Committee. The Committee annually reviews and adjudicates
submissions for the Thea Awards.

"This year’s recipient list continues in the trend of the past several years of recognizing amazing projects of great variety, from all over the world," said Lisa in an interview with InPark. "This includes small attractions that put a lot of creativity, ingenuity, and out-of-box thinking into developing some really engaging, touching, and effective experiences; as well as the larger, blockbuster projects that we kind of expect to knock our socks off. I have really loved the mix of the last few years, blending industry upstarts with well-known leaders, small budget and big budget, and I hope that pattern continues in the future."...Read full interview

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16 April 2019
Prodigy FlyPipe gives purpose to the unused corners of your world.

Middleton, WI (12 April 2019) – ETC’s Prodigy FlyPipe is a self-climbing hoist designed to help transform the under-utilized spaces into creative environments. Structural engineering limitations for black box theatres, school cafeterias, gymnasiums, and churches have prevented the use of rigging technology in the past. Now because of its lightweight and easy installation, Prodigy FlyPipe is an ideal solution for front-of-house and overhead hanging positions of lighting fixtures, AV equipment, and soft goods.

04 April 2019

The Companies of Nassal announces the promotion of Jenna Aya to Manager within the nFusion group. Jenna joined nFusion as a Coordinator in early 2018 and in a short amount of time has proven to be an invaluable member of the team.

03 April 2019
Fram Museum's Digital, Arctic Immersive Experience

Since it was relaunched last year, Oslo’s Frammuseet (Fram Museum) has attracted many new visitors, not to mention the odd award. Now the UK companies that created the immersive experience at the new look maritime museum have revealed how it was done