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22 May 2019

ETC brings easy LED dimming to legacy systems with PhaseAdept

Middleton, WI (9 May 2019) – Many organizations would love to harness the energy-saving features of LEDs, but the associated costs of installing new wiring, power control infrastructure and control systems to dim these loads have kept many from upgrading. With ETC’s new PhaseAdept dimmer module, venues now have a cost-effective, simple to install solution to capitalize on the benefits of LED lighting. The PhaseAdept module fits into any vintage of Sensor, DRd, or DR enclosure – including those already installed – and provides high-quality, low-voltage dimming for LED fixtures and lamps over existing wiring.  


ETC accomplished this feat of engineering by placing the dimming engine inside the PhaseAdept module itself – not in the dimming enclosure. This means a venue can use its existing ETC power control system for many years to come and the lighting system infrastructure can remain intact, expediting the renovation process and delivering tremendous cost savings.


PhaseAdept produces smooth, continuous control no matter the fixture type, features forward- and reverse-phase dimming options, and has multiple dimming curve settings. Remote configuration of the dimmer module is available in racks with CEM3, E-ACP, P-ACP, and CEM+ control modules; manual configuration is available directly at the dimmer module for legacy systems.


The result is that the PhaseAdept dimmer brings ETC’s legendary dimming quality to modern fixtures. The module is designed for use with the vast majority of LED loads; but ETC remains committed to testing compatibility when requested. For compatibility testing see the ETC LED compatibility database.


PhaseAdept dimmer modules smooth your venue’s transition to LED technology.


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