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25 March 2019

Yves Pépin keynotes SATE Europe 2019, May 8-10 at Parc Asterix

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) announced Yves Pépin as keynote speaker for TEA SATE Europe 2019, May 8-10 at Parc Asterix. SATE is the definitive forum on Experience Design; TEA SATE conferences currently take place annually in North America, Europe and Asia. The SATE acronym stands for Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience. #TEAsate

The theme of TEA SATE Europe 2019 is “Moving People.” From the organizers (TEA Europe & Middle East Division): “Be it physical, emotional, or technological, this year’s theme of ‘Moving People’ covers a broad spectrum of how we take people in journeys within the themed entertainment industry. SATE Europe will use Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience to explore how these elements are changing and influencing visitor attractions.” SATE Europe 2019 delegates have the option to join a post-conference excursion to Puy du Fou on May 11: details here.


Yves Pépin

TEA SATE Europe 2019

May 8-10, Parc Asterix, France 

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Yves Pépin - One of the great innovators and artists of themed entertainment

...From a November 2018 profile of Yves Pépin, published by InPark: "His work defined the modern genre of the nighttime multimedia spectacular with a blend of art, technology and storytelling, integrating projection, water, lasers, live performance, robots, music and pyrotechnics. Pépin created a modern genre of spectacle that has traditional origins in theater, performing arts and entertainment on a grand scale. The stories that unfold in these shows are simple, human stories and fables, but the production scale itself is colossal and the platform is the world stage. Over the years, Yves Pépin’s spectacles have punctuated some of the biggest international events and tourist destinations in the world, including world expos, international sporting events, major theme parks and national celebrations. He has collaborated with the likes of Yang Zhimou, Steven Spielberg, the Totonaque Indians and a Hinduist sect.

"His most famous show ever was the Eiffel Tower Millennium pyrotechnics display in 2000, produced with Christophe Berthonneau. The turn of the century was lavishly celebrated around the globe, and fireworks were prevalent, yet this celebration stood out among many. Daniel Milikow wrote for CBS, 'At midnight, the world belonged to Paris.'


Tickets/more info for
TEA SATE Europe 2019,
May 8-10, Parc Asterix,
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Yves Pépin - A far-reaching influence within the global attractions industry

“'The Eiffel Tower show totally changed everyone’s perspective about what you can do with a building, fireworks and nighttime. It was a most spectacular thing from a master of the spectacular,” said Pat MacKay, a specialist and publisher in theater, lighting design and themed entertainment. 'Yves didn’t just set the bar, he reinvented the whole idea of what you could do for audiences in the evening – whether the projection surface was a building or perhaps a waterscreen – with showmanship and flair that are an Yves Pépin trademark. He is uniquely creative with a level of execution comparable to anything that would come out of the big companies that have adopted and adapted his stuff – really big events using any and all of the tech bells and whistles currently invented to create a great guest experience. He didn’t invent projection mapping, but his techniques led to where we are.'

“'Yves is highly creative, and yet he is pragmatic,' said longtime industry colleague Michel Linet-Frion, Creative & Innovation Director of Pierre & Vacances Développement. “He ends up with the right solution and there’s a whole thinking process behind it; he has the intuition and the experience. You know he’s going to find the right answer, that he’ll get there – that the end result will be powerful yet feasible, and each show will be unique, and it will create emotions. Considering the scale of his work, this is particularly impressive. His shows are huge and very technical, yet they touch people deeply and simply, they evoke emotion. Yves understands what the audience is experiencing and communicates to them. In a lifetime you only meet a few people like Yves, with this kind of deep understanding and vision.'


'Go further'

"Building upon decades of award-winning international successes and creative collaborations, today Yves Pépin continues to actively seek new challenges, although he no longer heads a large production firm (he founded ECA2 in 1974 and departed in 2008, and the company continues to flourish and create spectacles in the same style).

"'I’m still consulting on big projects for big international organizations, and supporting projects with music as the key ingredient,' he said. And creativity is still foremost. “It’s important to always start fresh. Forgetting is the condition for reinvention. Don’t be too full of what happened in the past if you want to be free and to go further.'” ...Read full article by Judith Rubin, published by InPark


TEA SATE Europe 2019

May 8-10, Parc Asterix, France 

Tickets/more info





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