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31 August 2017

Enjoy SATE '16 videos while preparing for SATE '17

Have you watched TEA TV lately? 

There is a treasure trove of content on TEA TV  - the video channel of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). It's available free and

Steve Birket & Jennie Nevin:
SATE '16 opening remarks: Watch video

documents many of our biggest events of the past few years in addition to our webinars.


Watch TEA Summit & TEA Theas videos

On TEA TV, you can view sessions from past TEA Summit conferences and Thea Case Studies Day, and the Thea Awards Gala itself.  


SATE '16: Paul Osterhout,
Storytelling Chair. Watch video

Watch TEA SATE videos

On TEA TV, you can also view sessions from past TEA SATE conferences. The newest batch, from SATE 2016 in New York City, was recently added and are available to enjoy: Click here to browse and watch.

If you follow TEA on social media, you'll see the SATE 2016 videos popping up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn over the next few weeks as we roll them out in a countdown to SATE 2017.


SATE '16: Deanna Siller,
Architecture Chair. Watch video

TEA SATE 2017 Los Angeles, Oct 5-6 at CalArts

TEA SATE is the definitive conference on Experience Design. The next TEA SATE conference is coming up Oct 5-6 in Los Angeles at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). It promises to be an important and memorable dialog.

SATE 2017 Los Angeles: Click for tickets and program information.

SATE '16: Chris Manson,
Technology Chair. Watch video

The location itself - CalArts - is a college founded by Walt Disney. Many leading industry figures teach or have taught at CalArts, and/or were students there. The curriculum continues to evolve along with the industry. CalArts has a very special place in themed entertainment history as well as its present and future - you can read more about CalArts here.


TEA SATE Asia - Beijing 2017

SATE '16: Experience Discussion -
co-chairs Chris Conte, Traci Klainer
and Michael Blau. Watch video

A few weeks after SATE 2017 Los Angeles, on the other side of the Pacific Rim in Beijing, China, will be the first TEA SATE conference in the Asia Pacific region. The dates for SATE Asia 2017 in Beijing are November 3-5.

SATE 2017 Asia: Click for more information


We love our TEA video people

Many thanks to our awesome TEA video volunteers, who put in many hours of dedication and skill to capture and produce this content - especially Michael Libby of Worldbuildr (but also Matt Kent, Chris Chien and Roby Brown). We hope to see you at SATE!

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