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27 September 2017

TEA Advantage: Kevin Murphy, Kraftwerk Living Technologies

Not everyone had the chance to be a charter European member of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) but Kevin Murphy did, and it helped shape his career destiny.

Kevin Murphy,
VP of Strategic Planning,
Kraftwerk Living Technologies

Kevin Murphy is VP of Strategic Planning at Kraftwerk Living Technologies GmbH. The relationships he developed over the years - within TEA as a whole, and within what grew into the TEA Europe & Middle East Division (TEA EME) - have been instrumental in his success.

In the late 1980s, Kevin initially met Monty Lunde and Peter Chernack and was drawn to their concept of organizing themed entertainment providers into a professional association. (Monty Lunde is the official founder of TEA and a past TEA President; the late Peter Chernack was a founding member who served in many capacities including TEA President). 

That first discussion with Monty and Peter and the initial concept of the TEA were Kevin's opportunity to connect with the themed entertainment community and to add his voice as it came into being. TEA was officially founded in 1991 and Kevin took part in some of the earliest formal TEA meetings. There, he found himself surrounded by companies with common interests, including colleagues from his time as an employee of Electrosonic.

He recognized the networking benefits of this new association and was happy to take an active part in helping to recruit members within Europe with the goal of forming TEA EME. These were formative times - networking the North American hubs such as Los Angeles and Orlando was fairly straightforward, but bringing Europeans into the fold was more challenging.

It turned out that a key selling point, in addition to the business angle, was the sheer pleasure of it. TEA was the community that you had to be a part of if you worked in the industry; not simply because “you must,” but because it was fun. "It was a fraternity," said Kevin, "consisting of males and females, and its main benefits were community and friendship. When you love what you do, you want to be good at it, and we all naturally realized through the opportunity to know each other through the TEA, that there was a natural affinity for each other, and we all got something out of it.”

Becoming a member of TEA allowed Kevin to find a community and forum in which he could thrive as a networker. Now, 25+ years later, he is still heavily involved and uses TEA as a critical tool to his success in strategic planning and relationship building for his employer, Kraftwerk Living Technologies. He is a proponent of business relationships and the positive, continuing impact TEA can have, with four TEA Divisions now serving the industry as it continues to develop globally within North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. “TEA is about talking to clients, representing, pushing and presenting the membership to the association, but also talking about what you do for your company, and that comes naturally in the conversation.”

Kevin recently rejoined the TEA EME Division Board and continues to evangelize the value of the TEA to new members.

Matt Kent

Story by Matt Kent, Business Development & Marketing, Hotopp Associates. Matt sits on the TEA International Board of Directors and serves on the TEA Marketing & Communications Committee. TEA Advantage stories share profiles of individual members whose career path has been significantly helped through their involvement in the Association. Past TEA Advantage stories include: Peter Weishar, Melissa Ruminot, Steve Birket, Chris Conte, Alex Ogle, David Aion.


Posted by Judy Rubin



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