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30 June 2017

Welcome New Members!

Welcome to TEA

TEA extends a warm welcome to our new members for March thru May 2017.

Find them in the TEA Member Directory to discover more about them and extend a welcome of your own.


Asia Pacific 

Action-Packed Industries
Apex Development Public Co., Ltd.
Beijing Shouhuan Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd.
Dream Studio Company
Haichang Ocean Park Holdings Ltd.
Hengtong Culture & Tourism Development Co., Ltd. 
ICM Asia, Limited
International Resort Management Services Pte Ltd.
Legend Cultural Development Group Holding Co., Ltd.
Luneng Group Company Limited
Min-Max International Co., Ltd.
OneWorld Composite Fabrication Co. Ltd
Pico Group
Robert, Frederic
Shen Zhen Guangmei Sculpture Fresco Art Design Co., Ltd.
Weng, Richard

Eastern North America 

20K Inc.
Abron, Madison
AJA Architecture and Planning
Alford, Madison
Audubon Nature Institute
Barnett, Braden
Boggs, Charles
Brilliant Creative Fabrication
Busken-Javanovich, Isaac
Cleveland, Shane
Dedinsky, Alexandra
DM Transportation
Dougherty Manufacturing
French, Christine Madrid
Fuerst, Timothy
Gagné, April
Gilbane, Mike
Giordano, Bradley
Global Scenic Services
Goldberg, Arielle
Grice, Kelly
GSM Project
Gulliver's Gate
Hands On! Studio
Harries, Miriam
Hawling, Andrew
Horst, Justin
Johnson, Stuart
Landry, Kat
Leventhal, Jordan
Lytle, Eric
Man Made Music
Maranon, Victor
Mayer, Brittany
McKoy Entertainment LLC
Michigan Scenic Studio 
Miller, Matt R
Montgomery, Jacob
Montgomery, Kimberly
Mullins, Tyler
Pendragon Services, Inc.
Peralta, Andrew
Popovich, Craig
Quesada, Eric
Rizzo, Katie
Roderick, Joseph
RWS Entertainment Group
Scanlon, David
Sprague, Caitlin
Szarwark, Ryan
Terracon Consultants, Inc.
Triple Five
Tu, Xin
Vedock-Gross, Emma
Winch, Matthew

Europe & Middle East

ACT (Active Composite Technologies)
Back Stage Technologies (Europe) Limited
D&B Audiotechnik GmbH
EOS (Darsie' Srl)
Haley Sharpe Design
Luc Petit Creation
Mansveld IMP
So SG Concept
Vectis Holdings Ltd
zoOceanarium Group


Western North America

Agrawal, Akshay
Almos, Matt
Altec Integrated Solutions Ltd.
Andrade, Austin
Annett, Angela
Autumn Light Entertainment
Beard, Justin
Bodell, Evan
Boden, Micki
Brussels Invest & Export
Cox, James
Damminger, Alyssa
Dixon, Katherine
Drury Design Arts
Felgentreff, Maddie
Gangei, Darius
Gieselman, Dana
Glaubig, Kelly
Grant Leisure
Gregory, Devin
Grinke, Joel
Healy , Ashley 
Hobbo, Fathel
Holland, Caroline
Image Metrics
Keilbach, Mark
King, Kyle
Kruszynski, Chris
LaRosa, Amber
Lee, Nicklas
Lipschultz, Mindi
LOC Associates, LLC
Madrone Studios
Modal VR
MODE Studios Inc
Mountford, Steven
Nivera, Catherine
Price, Daniel
Pull Architecture, Inc.
Qi, Hanmeng
Qylur Intelligent Systems
Rabbx Inc
Rankin, Joseph
Raymond, Lyndie
Richards, Liz
Sensing Places
Seung, Harrison
ShoConcepts, Inc
Simply LM
Smallwood, Brian
Soumas, Cassaundra
Stone, Marcus
Storylab, Inc.
Stutz, Mark
Sullivan, Riley
Tention, Justice
Westview Productions
Yeoman, Kimberly
Zhou, Carrie

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