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Thea Awards 2015

"Wings of Time,” a nightly spectacular on the beach at Sentosa Island Singapore, is a multimedia show that combines lights, fountains, pyrotechnics, projection mapping, water projection and an original musical score and script to tell the story of a young couple and the magical bird that takes them around the world.

At the beginning of the 20-minute show, the "set” which is constructed just off the sandy beach and amphitheater where the audience watches the show appears to be a simple construction of geometric forms. During the show, the setting comes to life and continually changes and morphs into an endless array of compelling animated and kinetic visual sequences, spanning a wide arc of energy and emotion as the story is told.

The techniques this show uses (water and mapped projection, fountains and pyrotechnics, etc.) have all been used many times before. In fact, a similar type show was previously located in the same spot (and received a Thea Award 7 years ago). But the similarity ends there. What is different is the way the elements have been used. The show creators have displayed a sophisticated understanding of each element in their tool box, and have stretched to achieve maximum impact from each. Moreover, they've used that understanding to artfully blur the lines between each of the techniques employed to create a sense of magic... it's often impossible to understand where the water screens stop and the mapped projection begins, and when that happens, the audience suspension of disbelief expands dramatically.

The result is a show that continues to surprise, change and offer new visual surprises far beyond what the audience (or even our somewhat jaded) eyes expect to see. It is visual and theatrical experience creation on a very high level.

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