Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2013

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Museum

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, Calgary, Canada

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is a new, dynamic, 40,000 square-foot facility that celebrates Canada’s sport heroes and legends at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta. It stands as an example of excellence in exhibition design, rich storytelling, media production and interactive technology.

The Hall offers unique multi-sensory experiences that immerse visitors in Canada’s sport story.

Eleven themed galleries (Blade, Glide, Contact, Hockey, Media, Olympic and Paralympic Games, Locker Room, Bounce, Motion, Ride and Splash) and the Changing Gallery showcase the achievements of athletes through compelling media and displays. With 529 inducted athletes and sport builders, representing 60 sports, the design transforms seamlessly from contemporary artifact displays juxtaposed to sensational large-scale media of athletes in action; crisp unified graphic treatments; life-like casts of Honoured Members; and over 50 unique immersive sport challenges.

The exhibits beckon visitors to engage in the triumphant story of Canada’s sport history from the moment they enter the museum. A multi-screen video ring suspended from the ceiling in the Grand Hall offers emotionally charged imagery of both athletic triumphs and challenges. The scale of grand media projections throughout the museum combined with smaller contemplative informational kiosks on all the inductees is very inviting and inspiring.

For guests, the most compelling feature is the ability to go head-to-head with famous Honoured Members and sport celebrities through state-of-the-art virtual interactive game technologies. These exhibits provide rare opportunities for visitors to shadow-box with Lennox Lewis; interact one-on-one with Kerrin Lee- Gartner asshe coaches them through a virtual downhill race; sit in a racing wheelchair and race against Chantal Petitclerc; and join a Formula 1 race with Jacques Villeneuve.

Two of the museum's immersive 3D exhibits, “Be a Goalie” and “Be a Catcher,” offer visitors a unique opportunity to put on a mask and block shots from the Calgary Flames or experience the physical impact of various pitches striking a catcher’s mitt. Throughout Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, “Ask the Athlete” interactive experiences allow visitors to learn the science behind a sport, and test their knowledge and skill against the clock or virtual opponents. In every case, the interactive sport experiences presented at the Hall are A+ in their poignant delivery, messaging and audience feedback.

Virtually every storytelling device is used in this massive, multi-level experience, and the experience never becomes repetitive or timeline derivative. Visitors are immersed in a complete Canadian sport experience. Stunning environments combined with unified graphic treatments, spectacular photography, life-size cast sports statues, custom–programmed interactives, multi- media delivery systems, and one-of-a-kind artifacts make this a must-see for all Canadians and sport enthusiasts.

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