Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2013

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Event Spectacular

Aquanura, Efteling Park, Netherlands

Aquanura treats guests of Efteling to a beautiful and spectacular water-and-light extravaganza on the large lake between the park's main entrance and its Fata Morgana ride. 

With Aquanura, Efteling expands on its fairytale and storytelling traditions that have been part of the park’s thematic foundation for some 60 years. Four giant frogs, based on a historic fountain feature (the Frog Prince) in the park’s Fairytale Forest, mark the corners of the lake. The Frogs serenely open the show as they shoot jumping water sprays to the center of the performing area. At this point, larger fountains begin to take over. Aquanura celebrates Efteling's rich mix of attractions, visualizing them during the show through water, light and fire, all performed against a beautifully orchestrated score. Specially arranged versions of the attractions' musical themes tell a story uniquely “Efteling.”

Aquanura excels through its emotional content and storytelling that are linked to the guest’s nostalgic experience of Efteling’s other rides and shows over the years. Efteling has achieved with Aquanura an adaption of available technology put to use in ways that are uniquely evocative. Artistry and beauty prevail over spectacle. The often serene pace of the show conjures the feeling of watching a water ballet. This approach fits the park remarkably well, and, combined with excellent execution, furthers the tradition of bringing stories to life in ways both unique and engaging.

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