Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2016

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement, Environmental Media Experience

Integrated Environmental Media System, Tom Bradley Terminal, LAX, Los Angeles CA, USA

The Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) in the new international terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is an unprecedented passenger experience and a new source of non-aeronautical revenues for the facility. The IEMS includes seven media features, including Welcome and Bon Voyage Walls, a four-sided Time Tower and portals that shepherd passengers to their departure gates.  The IEMS is supported by an intelligent show control system that enables mapping content onto unique, very large-scale, multi-dimensional media surfaces.

Arriving and departing passengers are mesmerized by the beautiful content floating throughout this massive canvas. The content captures the culture of Los Angeles and, depending on the destinations of upcoming departures, will periodically change to reflect those destinations.

Since its opening, the project has received global attention as the most provocative example of a fully integrated, intelligent media environment. It’s a space where immersive media and ambient storytelling don’t demand attention – but do reward it.  It’s the perfect “hello” and “goodbye” to travelers from all over the world and that’s why the Thea Nominating Committee recommends an Award for Outstanding Achievement to the Integrated Environmental Media System at LAX.

The base concept is now under design development, or even already under construction, with the same concept in other airports, museums and themed attractions around the world. The base idea is not new, but the Integrated Environment Media System at LAX has been executed with such creative and technical excellence that it has redefined the field, and is fast becoming a widely-admired and replicated achievement. It has also improved the airport visitor experience: Studies show that travelers tend to arrive early at the terminal to enjoy the media.

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