Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2017

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Live Show

Le Dernier Panache, Puy du Fou, Les Epesses, France

Le Dernier Panache is an historical pageant that follows the career of a young naval officer from his apprenticeship during the American Revolutionary War through the final days of the French Revolution. This is the 20th show created for the Puy du Fou Grand Park.

The 34-minute show takes place in the 7,500-square-meter, 2,500-seat Theatre des Geants, which also houses a 60x18-meter pool. The audience seating rotates on a huge turntable to follow the performers from scene to scene, around a 360-degree stage. Each scene emerges from a seamless, projected tapestry that circles the audience, opening at key moments to reveal one breathtaking setting after another.

Le Dernier Panache features an original musical score, dynamic sets, mapped projection, ornate costuming, scenery and lighting; exciting stunt scenes, a cast of 40 performers in multiple roles, plus a number of live animals onstage. Performed up to seven times daily, it is one of the largest daily scheduled production shows in any theme park in the world. It is theatrical storytelling on a grand scale, with a high level of technical sophistication, impressive production values and execution. It matches Puy du Fou’s brand of making history come alive and has earned the park its third Thea Award.

With emotional resonance and guest impact, Le Dernier Panache makes a spectacular connection with Puy du Fou’s audience who regularly give it a 9.3 out of 10 rating. Remarkable for its audacious scale and ambitious operational requirements, this impressive production uses the moving theater concept effectively to segue from one spectacular scene to the next in cinematic fashion. The production design is impressive with set pieces that range from full scale sailing ship interior and exteriors, a palace ballroom, to spectacular outdoor vistas, which even include a real water lagoon. The undertaking - both in creation and execution on a Broadway musical scale - exhibits a high level of technical sophistication and theatrical panache.

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