Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2017

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Themed Food & Beverage Experience

Springfield, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City, CA USA

Homer Simpson is always eating – and his outlandish food palate and eating habits are a big part of the appeal that has given The Simpsons animated series its longevity. The segment of Universal Studios Hollywood known as Springfield is home to a dimensional recreation of the world of Homer Simpson – in particular, a menu designed, developed and taste-tested that delivers real-life, authentic foods and flavors of The Simpsons. Springfield incorporates an exemplary themed food and beverage experience that shows how a theme park can successfully integrate food choices to enhance the guest experience.

The attention to detail conveys deep authenticity and adds a significant level of guest immersion. Universal Studios Hollywood has raised the bar by recreating tastes and themes that previously existed only within an animated world. What is essentially a new land in the heart of the park extends the storytelling with every bite at places like Krusty Burger, Luigi’s, Cletus’ Chicken Shack and Lard Lad with a backdrop of periodic meltdowns at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Kudos to the F&B team that had the courage and self-discipline to create a menu distinctly and exclusively Simpsonian - that authentically reflects food and drink of The Simpsons universe, and only that - undeterred by the need to rethink recipes, sourcing, and the F&B supply chain. All the dining in Springfield is about food items seen specifically on the animated series.

Excellence is embodied in presentation and concept as well as product, and the food is as much fun as any attraction. Over at Moe’s Tavern or Duff’s Brewery you can experience a “Flaming Moe,” a concoction that uses dry ice in a unique glass safely allowing guests to carry away their own bubbling brew. Several draft beers have also been created and available only at these venues. 

A lot can be done to extend the themed experience into the area that is near and dear to every human being…the stomach. Universal has shown exceptional leadership in this regard, first within its Harry Potter lands, and now with Springfield.

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