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Thea Awards 2018

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Brand Experience

Jameson Distillery Bow St., Dublin, Ireland

  • The Jameson Distillery Bow St. occupies the same building
    where John Jameson founded his original distillery in 1780.
    Photo: Jameson Distillery Bow St.
    An extraordinary example of bringing a brand and its 235-year old story to life
  • Effectively combines a fully guided tour with exceptional interactive and tactile elements
  • Affords guests the opportunity to choose from six unique stories

The Jameson Distillery Bow St. occupies the same building where John Jameson founded his original distillery in 1780, and the program utilizes many existing elements of the actual Distillery. The fully guided tour runs approximately 40 minutes, taking guests on a multi-sensory, interactive, story-driven experience on any of six unique pathways.

The Bow St. Experience plunges guests into the history and process that defines Jameson:

“Our Story”: At the story table, a digital interactive map tells the history of Jameson. Guests are invited to choose from one of six “artifacts” with embedded RFID chips that, when touched to the table, tell a unique story from six different perspectives.

“Our Process”: The Jameson Whisky production process, from start to finish, is told through a 3-D digital projection mapping show. The Story Table invites guests to touch, smell and taste the ingredients – the grains, the raw distillate and the various woods – that combine to give Jameson its popular taste.

“Our Taste”: Guests are invited to participate in a taste test in which Jameson is compared side-by-side with the leading Scotch (Johnnie Walker) and American (Jack Daniels) whiskies.

Whisky Shakers: guests are provided all the professional bar tools and ingredients in a ninety-minute hands-on mixology course. The experience ends with guests visiting an actual maturation warehouse where a cask of Jameson is tapped and the tasting begins.

Whisky Tasters: guests blend their own whisky and get to take it home in a bottle featuring their name on the logo.

Jameson Distillery Bow St., in addition to very effectively communicating the Jameson brand and story, blends a variety of highly effective methods in its storytelling. State-of-the-art digital, unique interactive elements, taste, touch, smell, and actual hands-on participatory experiences are combined in an extraordinary manner, creating a delightful and memorable Brand Experience. -- 2017-18 TEA Thea Awards Committee

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