International Board Qualifications

TEA International Board Director Qualifications

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Themed Entertainment Association’s International Board of Directors. We are currently recruiting experienced strategic professionals who share our passion to grow the Association and support creative excellence in our industry. As there are many individuals looking to join the International Board, we have established the below criteria to help better identify desired candidates for an International Board seat. Although you do not need satisfy all of these criteria, preferred candidates will meet as many as possible.


Diversity, Inclusion, and Regional Representation

The TEA as a global association knows that there is a need within our Board leadership to have a diverse set of perspectives represented at the table. The TEA respects and values a wide spectrum of attributes in our Board candidates including the individual cultures and regions they represent as well as diverse representation of gender identity, age, race, sexual orientation, occupation, culture, language, and physical ability. 


Experience Criteria

  1. Good Standing: Represents a TEA member company in good standing.
  2. Leadership experience: Holds a senior‐level management position within their company or equivalent leadership experience.
  3. Industry Experience: Has a minimum of 7 years of experience in the themed entertainment or related industry (e.g., theatre, live events, museums, zoos, aquariums etc.).
  4. Compliant: Submits a candidate application that fully meets the requirements and expectations articulated in the form and that allows the committee to adequately assess the individual’s eligibility for service.
  5. Involved: Has a demonstrated track record of involvement in TEA volunteer activities (e.g., service on committees, regional boards, speaking, writing, etc.).
  6. Commitment: Demonstrates the willingness and ability to make the time commitment for service on the board and to support the goals of the association; including participation in Board meetings, attendance at the annual Strategic Planning Meeting, chairing of committees and task forces; and attendance at global TEA events.
  7. Roles and Responsibilities: Shows an understanding and appreciation of the roles and responsibilities of a non‐profit Board of Directors and is willing to participate in board governance training.
  8. Industry Relations: Possesses connections in and to the greater industry (e.g., with companies, from a diverse cross section of industry constituents, etc.).


Personal Attribute Criteria

In addition to the experience criteria noted above, preferred candidates should embody the following  personal characteristics:

  1. High-Level Leadership and Consensus-Building: Be recognized and respected as a leader among their peers. The individual should be able to garner consensus in a group and be able to inspire the best from each Board member and/or volunteer they encounter within their role.
  2. Respect: Possess the professional and personal respect of international and divisional board members, volunteers, and the membership at large.
  3. Communications: Demonstrate highly effective and wide-ranging communications skills, in order to serve as a representative and spokesperson for the association.
  4. Reputation: The individual must possess a positive professional and personal character and reputation such that they contribute to an overall favorable impression of the Association and do not individually foster controversy or create distractions for the Organization or the Board.
  5. Cross Cultural Experience: As this is an international association and the individual will be representing all TEA members globally, a solid understanding and experience in international settings is recommended.


Expectations for Participation

  • Has direct access to funding and/or resources to support their Board commitment as well as sponsorship or travel for other events and initiatives
  • Can commit to participating on 8-10 Board conference calls each year
  • Can commit to sit on or chair one (or more) Board committee
  • Has company support for TEA International Board commitment, including travel costs associated with the following requirements:
    • Attends (in-person) the annual TEA Strategic Planning meeting
    • Attends (in-person) at least one additional high-profile TEA event – a SATE (North America, Europe or Asia), the TEA Summit and/or the Thea Awards
  • Can commit to helping represent the TEA at the major trade shows if attending and participating in any associated events.


Template for Letters of Intent