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The TEA International Board is made up of talented, member-elected leaders from within the Themed Entertainment industry. From their seats, they are able to collaborate in creating the strategic vision for this amazing organization and bring us into the future.

Chuck Fawcett, Animax Designs - TEA International Board President
                    Chuck Fawcett
                      Medici XD
       TEA International Board President

A message from TEA International Board President, Chuck Fawcett:

“The TEA, more than any other organization, does the best job of bringing together a professional network of companies, resources and people who provide mutual business opportunities for one another. These are the creators, financiers, buyers and builders of global Location Based Entertainment. 

"Just as important, TEA provides a valuable social network for people to make first contact and then remain connected within our industry. These personal connections often turn into long-lasting and meaningful relationships with many fond memories of sharing amazing experiences together. I am a testament to that as many of my closest friendships have originated within the TEA which I will value for a lifetime. 

"The other very important thing that the TEA does is to identify, recognize and celebrate great projects, people and technology through the Thea Awards, the most prestigious honor in our industry. The Thea Award represents the pinnacle of success and the best that our membership has to offer in terms of cutting edge and immersive themed entertainment as well as individuals that have earned their place of honor in our industry.”

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