Past Presidents

Christine Kerr

International Board President: 2013, 2014

Kerr Creative Company
3173 Mintwood Circle
Oakville, Ontario, L6H 0N9
Tel: +1 416-200-7893


If there’s one thing that Christine sees more clearly than ever, it’s the links between categories that once seemed so far apart: themed entertainment and professional sports; for-profit and not-for-profit; the visitor experience and the user experience.

During a career that has spanned multiple industries (and a couple of continents), Christine acquired this insight serving as “client/owner/operator” in world-class theme parks and attractions as well as “consultant/producer” at BaAM. And in her current role as BaAM's Vice President, Christine applies this insight to projects, operations, and business development in equal measure.

Nothing if not resourceful, Christine is energized by the "entrepreneurial spirit" she sees in BaAM's multidisciplinary team. She is also a strong supporter of BaAM's efforts to mentor young talent, learning from the next generation and seeing where an "anything is possible" attitude may take them.

It's an attitude that has served Christine well over her varied career. And it's one that promises exciting things for BaAM's future.

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Past Presidents – International Board President: 2013, 2014