Division Board Qualifications

TEA Divisional Board Member Profile


Diversity, Inclusion, and Regional Representation

The TEA as a global association knows that there is a need within our Board leadership to have a diverse set of perspectives represented at the table. The TEA respects and values a wide spectrum of attributes in our Board candidates including the individual cultures and regions they represent as well as diverse representation of gender identity, age, race, sexual orientation, occupation, culture, language, and physical ability. 


The ideal candidate shall meet the following qualifications:

  • Is a member or their company is a member of the TEA in good standing
  • Is an established or emerging thought leader in the themed entertainment industry
  • Is in a leadership position with their company
  • Has direct access to funding and/or resources to support their board commitment as well as sponsorship or travel for other events and initiatives
  • Has company support for TEA Division Board commitment with the following requirements
  • Can commit to participating on 8-10 Board conference calls each year
  • Can commit to organize/co-host one Divisional event per year (virtual or in person) of their term
  • Attends (in person) at least one high-profile TEA event – a SATE (North America, Europe, Asia), the TEA Summit and/or The Thea Awards Gala or the TEA IAAPA International Mixer.
  • Attends 3 Divisional events or NextGen events as possible (virtual or in-person)
  • Represents unique connections to other aspects of the industry (other industry associations, etc.) and will foster them to grow strong relationships with TEA
  • Will effectively represent the Division as a professional leader and representative of regional members.
  • Associate Representatives will come from within this TEA Membership category and effectively represent a cross-section of Associate Members.


Template for Letters of Intent