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Trent Oliver
 Blue Telescope
President of the 
TEA Eastern North America Division Board

Eastern Div LogoWelcome to the TEA Eastern North America Division!

In the Themed Entertainment Association, you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. It is a way to immerse yourself into the industry.

With New York being a growing TEA regions and my base, I'm in a good position to actively help our Division and our Association continue to grow as well as strengthen our membership and presence in Orlando a primary industry hub. 

The geographic region covered by TEA's Eastern North America Division includes the United States east coast (Maine to Florida) and all of the Midwestern states, plus eastern Canada. With a strong membership base in Orlando, in recent years the Eastern Division Board has worked to actively expand activities and grow membership through the rest of the region.

In addition to monthly events in the Orlando area, we organized several events in New York City as well as events in Chicago, the DC/Maryland/VA region, St. Louis, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Atlanta, Salt Lake City,Toronto and more. We have over 100 new TEA members join through the Eastern Division each year.

Eastern Division events include networking mixers, behind-the-scenes tours, and group visits to attractions with panel discussions in which team members discuss process and design. The TEA Eastern Board has also partnered with the TEA NextGen Committee on a variety of events geared toward helping students and recent graduates develop into the next wave of themed entertainment professionals.

Trent Oliver, Blue Telescope
TEA Eastern North America Division Board President 


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