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Welcome to the Western North America Division!

From the Hawaiian Islands to the Continental Divide, the TEA Western North America Division encompasses a wide variety of professions in the themed entertainment industry. Our region comprises several well-known theme parks, major owner-operators, content creators, and all of the supporting professions that make our industry possible, including a wide range of design studios, architects, fabricators, integrators, artists, and many other enterprises. The Western Division region is also home to the TEA Corporate Headquarters in Burbank, California, and the Annual TEA Summit and Thea Awards Gala, held each spring in the Los Angeles area. The bulk of members in our division are centered in Southern California, however, the TEA holds strong in several other Western areas including Las Vegas, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, and the Hawaiian Islands. Being the locale of the Corporate Headquarters, our members frequently collaborate with members in other divisions, and serve markets throughout the world.

The mission of the Western Division is to position its members to take advantage of the opportunities the future will offer. To help make this possible for all of our members, the Western Division puts a heavy emphasis on events, holding them regularly. This includes monthly mixers, company open-house nights, behind-the-scenes tours, educational programs, and of course, the annual holiday party. The future of our division is important to us, and that’s why we work closely with the NextGen committee to actively involve students and recent graduates, to develop a substantial and energetic group of themed entertainment professionals for years to come.

Jeff Crocker

Western Division Board President


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