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TEA Wednesday Webinar - Better Together: The Beauty of Collaboration - A Project is Born


Join us for a conversation to explore how a project is born. Even before the creative team is assembled and before the first design charette, a team comes together to initiate a project and assess its feasibility.


This webinar will examine the Project Development Guidelines at this early stage from the perspective of each of our main speakers and their specific disciplines. From economic feasibility to project management, creative visioning and creative direction, the TEA Masters will explain the how and why projects are truly better when people and disciplines collaborate and work together.


Breakout rooms for further discussion with these TEA Masters and many more TEA Masters and NextGen Committee co-hosts too will take place after the group conversation.



  • Morgane Keesling, TEA NextGen Committee Member (Moderator)
  • Chris Willlrich, TEA NextGen Committee Member
  • Lisa Passamonte Green, TEA Master, CEO/Principal in Charge, Visual Terrain, Inc.



  • Ray Braun, TEA Master, Principal, Entertainment + Culture Advisors,
  • Zsolt Hormay, TEA Master, Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering
  • John Lindsay, TEA Master, Program Director, nFusion
  • Philipp van Stratum, TEA Master, CEO/Creative Director, P&P Projects