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Virtual Amsterdam Holiday Celebration - Murder Mystery at gather.town!

TEA Amsterdam Holiday Celebration will now be virtual.

Join us for our Benelux Holiday celebration! We will be getting together on gather.town to solve a Wanderstar Murder Mystery which blends the digital and real world. We will play characters from the crews of The Empress and The Calamity Jane, who have put aside old rivalries to apprehend infamous outlaw, Kaelen Longherst, and collect the bounty from Enforcer Barclay at Doublestar Cantina. Will we solve the murder? Join us in this immersive 8 bit world and try!

gather.town is a platform which revolutionizes video conferencing by taking everyone into an easy to access game world. The video and audio of people close to you in the game fade in and become visible, and moving away will fade their audio and video out. All you need is a web browser, webcam, and microphone.

You will be assigned a character and can dress up as much or as little as you like while playing from the comfort (and safety!) of your own home. The evening is free, but space is limited so reserve quickly!

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