TEA SATE Las Vegas


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What is SATE?

TEA's signature international conference bringing together the brightest minds and top decision makers exploring what's next in Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, and Experience in themed entertainment. 

Advantages of attending SATE: NETWORKING!

The members of TEA are what make us unique and different...and the opportunity to meet other members is one of our biggest benefits! Between lunch breaks and Las Vegas nightlife there will be plenty of chances for business connections, both new and old.

Why Las Vegas?...Why Not is More the Question

Known for reinventing itself time and time again and dubbed the Entertainment Capital of the World – more than ever Las Vegas is offering a wide range of diverse experiences.

Now with the addition of NFL, NHL, WNBA and USL as well as NASCAR Cup, Las Vegas has now established a legitimate claim to the title of “Sports Capital of the World.”

Additional projects in the works like the MSG Sphere, Las Vegas could soon reshape the entire Entertainment industry.