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The Psychology of Story

Good storytelling has a powerful ability to influence the perspectives and beliefs of others through empathy and unique persuasive qualities. This communicative power has been studied and quantified by researchers from several disciplinary perspectives and it is empirically proven that stories can add value to products and services. Moderated by award-winning destination entertainment design firm, Cuningham and material experts, this session examines the evidence supporting the value stories can provide and demonstrates how applying the science of storytelling can help drive demand for products and services.

The session helps participants think about how they can engage with storytelling from an empirical as well as creative standpoint when crafting a story that is unique to their destination entertainment experiences. Storytelling can be applied to every space that customers and businesses interact, with dramatic results that—as demonstrated by the panel—are unsurprising based on the science of how people process stories. Therefore, one of the earliest forms of human communication, storytelling, is a viable business development strategy.