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Call for TEA Board Candidates 2020 Elections - Deadline Sept 18

Call for TEA Board Candidates 2020 Elections

To all TEA members interested in serving our mission and helping to shape the future of the Association. 

The TEA Mission - To create opportunities for members & their clients, by facilitating dialogue & communication; stimulating knowledge & professional growth; & expanding our size, diversity & awareness.

TEA has five volunteer Boards of Directors...

The International Board - the strategic governing body for TEA.

Four Division Boards - that serve members locally in regions around the world in Asia Pacific, Eastern North America, Europe & Middle East, and Western North America.


Please take a few minutes to consider running for a position on the International Board or on one of the Division Boards. Be sure to review the TEA Board Member Profiles for details about the ideal candidates. 


Who is an Ideal Candidate?

TEA International Board Member Profile

TEA Divisional Board Member Profile 

Serving on a TEA Board provides you with opportunities to serve members, network, and to help grow the organization worldwide. There are two types of Board Members, and your eligibility depends on the type of TEA member you are: 


Board Directors: 

Employees of Standard Member companies are eligible to submit their names to be considered for inclusion on the various ballots for Board Director positions. Board Directors serve for three-year terms. 


Associate Member Representatives: 

Employees of Associate Member companies, as well as Non-Profit, NextGen, Academic, and Individual members are eligible to be considered for non-voting Associate Member Representative positions. Associate Member Representatives serve for two-year terms. 


TEA supports equal opportunities for all and aspires to create and maintain an overall environment, leadership included, that advances the ideals that diversity of people and thought best represent the Association and society.

Please fill out and submit this LETTER OF INTENT to the appropriate Nominating Committee Chair (see below) no later than Friday, Sept. 18, 2020.

Where do I send my Letter of Intent?

Running for TEA International Board:

President Elect: Chuck Fawcett, [email protected]


Running for a TEA Division Board:

Asia Pacific: Owen Zhao, [email protected]

Eastern North America: Trent Oliver, [email protected]

Europe & Middle East: Yael Coifman, [email protected]

Western North America: Jeff Crocker, [email protected]

Deadline to submit a Letter of Intent is Friday, Sept. 18, 2020.

If you would like more information about the elections or various roles, please contact TEA by sending an email to: [email protected]