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20 September 2021

In Memory of Ron James, TEA APAC Board Member

We are deeply saddened to share that TEA member, APAC Board Member, and dear friend, Ron James has passed away suddenly on August 25, 2021. Ron served as Vice President of Creative for Kaisa Golden Bay International Themed Entertainment in Shenzhen China where he spent the last almost 5 years of his career. Prior to Kaisa, Ron worked as Senior Creative Director with Wanda Group in Beijing for 5 years.

Ron dedicated most of his adult life to building the themed entertainment industry globally, and played a very important role in supporting TEA. He was especially active in Asia, where he lived the past 10+ years and his ties to the LA industry were strong as he always connected with global resources to build unique attractions in China. 

Ron was known as a superb host and, regardless of company, he always found time to support the advancement of the industry and promote the TEA.

Ron is survived by his wife Lina, his five children, and many friends and colleagues.


Posted by Josephine Gilmore



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